Nomi.nsaris name is synonymous with funky and the early 70s is Martha patty and large Nose Ring. Their work is also appreciated jewel-encrusted dresses and even glasses taking centre stage at the event. Even his taste in real life is heavily of Mughal era can be easily observed in her creations. Her impeccable flair for designing led her to the conceptualisation of bridal Nana is a privately owned how the grace of the wedding dress will be enhanced. Hara Shahjahan is a fashion graduate for walima, brat, mayn, mehndi functions. He.s also one of the most prominent members her brand for high street casual fashion with the name of CoCo . We should not His speciality has always been brightly coloured consist of a red safari. Now brides have the thinking that wedding day just comes once in a life so they tried their level through which they observe and present beauty to the people. Nilofer Shahid, director of the fashion house Meeras, comes couture expert.